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Email Guidelines

Email Guidelines

What File Formats are Acceptable?
HTML files are the only acceptable format for sponsored emails. We do not host images (they need to be hosted on an independent site, in a dedicated space). Make sure you do not link images, locally, on your system (instead of a host site). If you do this, you will be able to see the images on your web browser but when you send the file to another person (to read), the images will appear to be blank.

Do I Have to Use Graphics?
No. If there is no need for images, text-only emails can be used. The elimination of graphics can improve deliverability but balanced content (text and images) is also likely not to be filtered out. A few small graphics and/or a banner are typical in most emails. Remember to keep the graphic file size down for fast loading.

Spam Filters
Avoid words like “free” and “promotion” in the subject line. You can use graphics to deliver words like “free” and “promotion” to get around spam filters, but keep in mind that more people are reading email messages on smartphones and tablets.

What are the Dimensions of the Email?
There are no real size restrictions, but as a guideline, we recommend a maximum of 600 pixels wide (any height is okay). That is the typical email browser default today. The most effective emails require minimum scrolling, so keeping the main content within the “above the fold” line works best.

When shall I pay for my campaign?
Payment for the sponsored email must be made in advance, and GSCC membership must be current and active at the time of the email blast in order to receive the member discount.

All sponsored email blasts will include an unsubscribe feature, which will allow those members to unsubscribe from our sponsored email blasts only while still getting our important GSCC emails.