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Survey Sponsorship

Get helpful feedback and powerful insights

Why online surveys? They're an easy, affordable way for you to get helpful feedback and powerful insights from your customers or members. Anyone can do them!

You'll gain revealing insights into what new products or services you should offer next... what locations deserve your special attention... how your customer service measures up... and more.

And as an email marketer, you'll love this... online surveys give you the instant feedback you need to create relevant, targeted email communications that address your audience's interests, and generate powerful results. Discover what online surveys can do for your organization.

Is your research efforts slowing you down?
5 weeks to field a survey? How about 5 days? Too often, you rely on others to carry out your surveys and by the time you've digested their costly report, the study may no longer even be relevant in particular in fast-moving markets in Asia.

But in the new era of online research, you are an integral part an entirely different equation. GSCC is here to help you lessen your reliance on outside and expensive contractors and support you in building, testing and deploying a survey.

We deliver unparalleled insight into the needs of your key customers and prospects. As a full-service custom research department, we deliver the knowledge you need to make smarter marketing decisions and maximize your opportunities in Asia...

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These surveys are the perfect medium for vendors to better understand their target customer, services, technology and expertise demand, and shifting market dynamics in Asia.

Sponsoring a survey or research is an excellent vehicle for demonstrating to Asia’s top decision makers that you are leading the pack in defining the supply chain, procurement and logistics of tomorrow, one that is more efficient and cost-effective.

With our support, your survey can expand to a larger and/or deeper audience and boost participation. Special efforts will be given in order to achieve the highest possible participation from as many as possible business sectors and industries. This will ensure that the survey results will represent the reality of today's high growth markets in Asia.

Sponsoring this survey will allow you to:
- Influence and win the loyalty of supply chain practitioners
- Reach up to 250,000+ of Asia's supply chain, procurement and logistics heads
- Reinforce your status as a leading supply chain specialist and vendor
- Become a partner with Asia's leading supply chain organization
- Leverage a less expensive and more effective medium than other forms of corporate image building.

The cost for the standard sponsorship range from US$ 10,000 to U$ 15,000. If you have a specific survey you want to undertake, please contact us with your requirements and specifications.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a strategic sponsor in Asia’s premier survey series on supply chain management. Contact us today for more information.


Want more insight for your money?

By sponsoring a survey, your organization will receive credit in the final report, publicity for your organization, capture valuable industry trends and generate sales leads and the opportunity to be perceived as an "expert" on the topic studied.

The program is focused on a free executive summary, sponsored by your company. You choose a topic and we will promote it to a qualified audience of supply chain executives.

This sponsored research program is very cost effective compared to other research companies and is best suited for logistics service providers, software vendors, and consulting firms who target the logistics, procurement and supply chain profession.

Suggested topics:

  • Logistics & Transportation Trends (for manufacturers and retailers)

  • 3PLs & Freight Forwarders Sector

  • Cold Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics

  • Dangerous Goods and Hazmat

  • Indirect and Services Procurement

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Salaries

  • Supply Chain Software & IT Solutions

  • Retail & Distribution Operations

  • and more...

    In addition to the above topics, we welcome other topics suggestions.