Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC)
Asia's Leading Professional Organization

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

 Each member of the Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC) shall:

  • support, promote and protect the interests of GSCC and the membership by communicating with people at all levels.

  • comply with all laws and regulations as they pertain to the safe, legal operation and the conduct of business.

  • carry on business in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner.

  • refrain from knowingly engaging in business practices of a fraudulent, dishonest or unethical nature.

  • serve customers and treat competitors, subcontractors and suppliers with honesty and integrity.

  • compete fairly for contracts, avoiding any practice that might be construed to be in violation of federal or provincial competition or unfair business practices legislation.

  • encourage and promote an open forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas among private companies from all sectors, industry professionals, government and the public in all areas pertaining to responsible supply chain management.

  • support and maintain within their communities and workplaces, the highest standards of safety, covering operational procedures, policy and practices.