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Virtual Summits

Speakers Briefing

The virtual summits deliver practical, engaging, and inspirational talks on a range of topics of interest to the supply chain profession.

Why do we run them virtually?
👉No travel costs 💰
👉Remotely bringing together a global community 🌏
👉No carbon footprint 🌱
👉Record your sessions at your own convenience or present live! 📆

If you completed a speaker application we will pre-populate your session with the information you provided. You can edit this information at anytime if you need to update or refine your talk details by using the speakers dashboard/portal (login details will be provided).

What is exactly a Virtual/Online Summit?
A virtual summit is a type of collaborative online event in which speakers and attendees are brought together using an advanced online platform where speakers present or are interviewed and the participants are able to engage in real time. It is an online version of the conference experience.

We have developed an advanced online platform that enables speakers, participants, exhibitors, and sponsors to connect using technology both in real time and in pre-recorded formats. The benefits to a virtual summit are many and include no need for travel, a reduced attendance cost, scheduling flexibility, and the ability to bring experts and participants together no matter where they are located.

We aim to bring together the community of supply chain, procurement and logistics professionals to grow and learn by sharing learning, inspiration and ideas, and make connections in a sustainable and carbon neutral way 🌱, see our demographics at

Session Length
Whether you pre-record or run this live, your session should be around 15-20 minutes long so we can keep everyone engaged and give you a chance to share your quality content.
The Q&A will be conducted during and after your session via the comments section on your speakers page or the dedicated group on Chain.NET (link will be provided by the host).

Type of Talk
We've such an amazingly diverse community, each with different skills, knowledge and wisdom to share.
That's why we've outlined different types of talk so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

  • How-To 🛠

  • Presentation 🖼

  • Experience Sharing 🗣

  • Discussion / Panel / AMA / Interview ❓

Whichever talk format you choose, we know you'll want to inform, entertain and motivate.

You can record the content (you could do this via Zoom, Loom, Dubb or other software) at a time that suits you. Further instructions will be provided to each speaker via email.
If you are presenting live, no need to worry about recordings, you will receive the link to join in the live session on the scheduled date and time.

Pre-recording Checklist
🎙Use a quality mic: laptop mics and Apple Earbuds aren't up to scratch. Use a quality mic and ensure the world can clearly hear what you have to say.
🎥 Use a quality webcam: body language is 55% of communication so share your video feed.
🌱Quiet place: recording in a small quiet space is best, with no background noise. Big, ventilated offices are the worst for recording.
🔕Silence notifications: emails, phones ringing, Slack notifications, Skype - make sure you have nothing to distract your audience.
☁️ Record your talk via Zoom: you can create an account for free and then send us your recording link. Click here for how to record via Zoom.
💰Decide on a Giveaway: you’re more than welcome to promote a special offer, giveaway, or your website at the end of your talk to make it easy for people to connect with you. This giveaway or special offer can also be promoted on your speaker’s page so make sure to add it within your speaker dashboard.
😃Enjoy! Your audience will react to your energy. So ramp it up, have fun and deliver what you love - and your audience will love it too.

How to send your recording
Save your recording and name it your full name (if you're using Zoom - here's their how to document)
#2 Go to
#3 Add your file
#4 Email to
ps. Feel free to add a message to make our team smile 😊
#5 Grab a cuppa ☕️and celebrate, that's your work done!

Speaker Perks
Those summits wouldn't exist without you and we appreciate how supportive you have all been to share your wisdom and help to bring together supply chain professionals from across the world. While we don't have a budget for speakers fees, we've carved out some other great ways to earn and perks to say thank you 😍

## Partnership Revenue
Whether you have a a vibrant blog, social following or email list, you can earn revenue with partnership marketing. This means you'll get your own chunk of change every time someone buys an All Access pass via your own referral links that show on your speakers dashboard.

**How much can I earn?**
That's entirely up to you! We pay 30% of the ticket price as commission. That means, if 10 people bought a US$ 199 ticket, you'd get US$ 597 paid to you. There is **no limit** to the number of tickets you are allowed to refer!

## Brand Recognition
Speakers have the opportunity to share their respective brands with the community via our notable brand spotlight. You can upload a brand logo as part of the speaker application, it will be associated with your talk, and it will be featured on the website.

## Speaker Discount Code
You will have a unique discount code that you can share with your audience in order to incentivize them to register for the event. Tweet it out, post it to Facebook, and share it on LinkedIn using our pre-written swipe copy. Use your customized speaker promotion card that you can find in your dashboard for even more engagement. Couple the discount code with our partnership program to drive even more sign-ups and increase your overall earnings.

## Exclusive Offer to Attendees
Offers are a great way for you to generate interest, signups and sales for a product or service of yours. Offers are typically discounts rather than freebies. For example, you might offer 10% off your latest book or 1 month free if they sign-up for consulting services. You simply need to enter a URL for Attendees to redeem the offer in the speaker dashboard (edit session details). Offers are sent out to Attendees at the end of the day in the Replay email.

## Prizedraw Giveaway
Attendees can be entered into a prizedraw by turning up to a Session live. Winners are notified 24hrs after the Session has taken place. This is a great way to incentivise live attendance. Prizedraws and quantities can be set in the speaker portal.

## Freebie
Freebies are designed to help you offer your own customized lead magnet within our platform to encourage Attendees to enter their email address. If a freebie is made available, it will be shown on your Speaker and talk detail page within the online summit system. This is a great way to grow your audience.

##Attendees List
As a speaker, you can also receive the list of delegates attending your own session. The list will include their name, email address, job title, country, mobile number and the exact IP address (for a more precise location). Make sure to ask your host about the list after the event.

Sponsorship is an effective branding and advertising tool that enables you to promote your company’s image and increase your brand awareness within the supply chain profession at large. As a sponsor, your investment directly impacts supply chain adoption on a large scale while also providing a unique set of benefits. Visit for more info and contact us.

🎙 We're excited to share your talk - happy recording! 🎥