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Launch of a new virtual summit on e-commerce logistics

As you know, the Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC) is in the business of delivering the most up to date, cutting edge events to improve the career of our supply chain members in Asia.

For the last 15 years, we have been organizing events activities around Asia. We have always tried to make the events a little different to other conferences in the industry and we have always had good feedback from our efforts. But, they are still quite traditional and we really want to do something completely unique!

We have always wanted to include all supply chain and logistics professionals from other countries in our events, but we know realistically it is very difficult to get your Manager to sign off the cost of a conference let along travel and accommodation in those cities in Asia!

So this is why we are launching a new series of virtual summits in partnership with HeySummit.

Firstly, the E-Commerce Logistics Asia Summit will be online on November 26-28 (yes 3 days). You can access all of the amazing content right from your desk – where ever that happens to be in the world!

Secondly, we want to provide our unique content to you for free when you attend the sessions on the scheduled time. For those wanting to join the sessions at a different time, we will offer an all-access pass at just US$ 147. That is 3 days' worth of career development, key skills training, online networking and industry updates for US$ 147… Yup!

What is a virtual summit?
A virtual summit is an online event with presentations and speakers, similar to a “physical” conference. However, there is no “physical” event taking place. Everything happens online. Attending is easy, so much easier than attending a physical event. You can “attend” from your home, your office or a cafe. All you need is your device, good Wi-Fi and earphones / speakers.

Obviously we are in the very early stages of the program planning, and we will keep the event page updated as we confirm speakers.

Visit for more details and to register.