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GSCC Launches Webinar Hub To Maximize The Benefits To Their Members

The Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC), the leading professional supply chain organization, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest project; an online webinar hub designed to provide its members with the tools, knowledge, and expertise in supply chain, logistics and procurement in Asia.

GSCC is already producing a number of physical events across Asia, but were determined to provide extra value and educational resources, gained from their many years of experience developing supply chain educational programs. After many months of preparation, they decided that the best solution was to create a webinar hub, which will provide real value and interaction to its community and compliments the existing physical events.

“We are continually focused on providing our community with the best content, events, and information to enable them to become successful within the supply chain profession,” said Max Henry of GSCC. “We believe that our new webinar hub sets us apart from the competition and provides huge added value, and we have plenty more events planned for the future”

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