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Eternal Asia is key IT distribution partner thanks to regional presence (sponsored)

This post is brought to you by Eternal Asia

With information technology (IT) spending in Southeast Asia expected to exceed US$60 billion by 2018 driven by key growth markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, Eternal Asia has earned its stripes as a leading name in IT distribution across the region.

Headquartered in Singapore, the fully-fledged IT distribution company maintains a regional advantage with a 500-strong workforce and offices spread across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

As a one-stop shop carrying a wide range of internal and external storage drives, solid state drives, network, modems and printers, Eternal Asia is the partner of choice for suppliers and large format stores, traditional dealers and system integrators – offering flexible shipping, payment and localised services tailored to each market.

“Every country has its own challenges and varies widely in terms of policy and strategy,” says Asri Salleh, CEO. “Our close relationships with our key suppliers such as Western Digital, Samsung and Toshiba create a mutual willingness to understand local challenges and work together to overcome different market hurdles.”

Eternal Asia provides vendors with a streamlined, cost-effective and market-accessible channel for their products – offering localised solutions such as invoicing in local currencies and the flexibility to adapt to market changes.

Established as a joint venture between Shenzhen Stock Exchange-listed Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management and a Singaporean company, Eternal Asia sees Southeast Asia as a growth engine behind commercial and online IT retail. Focused on Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, the company welcomes new partners that can support its growth in these markets.

“The IT landscape has been changing over the past couple of years and we have to be on our toes,” Salleh says.

“We believe in a win-win situation with our suppliers, sales and also general partners in terms of profitability. We are in an innovation-driven position being very focused on storage, a segment which we foresee will continuously be in-demand – and are ready serve our clients with the newest solutions.”

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