Learn & Network at the Global Supply Chain Council Events

The Council excels in creating high profile, highly targeted supply chain events in Asia.

Every year, the Council runs over 30 events and activities, bringing together over 1,000 delegates from leading manufacturing, retailing and vendors companies. With more innovative events and supply chain expertise than any other organizers in Asia, nobody delivers more qualified delegates than the Council.

In addition to the many events that the Council organizes itself, it collaborate with other events organizers on a range of selected events including high-level conferences and trade shows.

Those carefully selected events focus on critical issues of supply chain in the information age, global trade regulations, transport choice, technology and culture in order to manage global supply chain efficiently and effectively.

With dozens of events and activities around Asia, we’re sure to have the topic, the speakers, the audience and the package that is right for you. The Council’s events are more than powerful networking opportunities; they are also a definitive source of information and a dynamic forum for education.

Ultimately, the Council events will provide you with the essential update on the future of supply chain, procurement and logistics, ensuring that you are one step ahead of the game.

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